Support Local Agriculture


Breezy Hill Farm raises Angus and Angus Charolais Crossbred Cattle that thrive on a healthy diet to produce the most flavorful beef. Our cattle are humanely raised and locally processed at a USDA Tennessee inspected facility.

Breezy Hill Farm meat orders are taken year-round according to our processing schedule and availability. Our meat is USDA certified and sealed in vacuumed sealed packages for your convenience and storage. *

***Individual cuts are available in addition to our variety packs.***

Whole beef and half beef orders are available and require at least 2-week notice ahead of your desired delivery date. $200 deposit required. Prices are based on hanging weight on whole and half beef animals. A whole beef runs approximately 500-700lbs, a half beef weighs approximately 250-350lbs before trimming and packaging. Priced at $5.50 per pound of hanging weight. *Pricing includes all processing of beef, vacuum sealed packaging, as well as delivery options for our customers.








Pricing subject to change based on individual cuts of beef during processing.

For example:

A steak cut 1” think will weigh more than a steak cut 1/2 ” thick.


Our Commitment

Breezy Hill Farm is committed to producing healthy high quality meats. We stand behind our products and guarantee our meats.